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California Dreamin'

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The start of this week has been hectic. First moving in, then tearful goodbyes, and finally Orientation Week––needless to say, it's been crazy.

But lucky for me, I've been blessed with wonderful roommates and friends who have made this transition into college life much easier. Our room is lovely, sitting on the first floor with views of lush trees and the nearby dining hall (which, despite my own assumptions, isn't the worst view we could have, and the trees make up for an otherwise unappealing background).

As my parents would attest, I'm not always the best at packing; typically, I pack at least double the amount of clothing I actually need for a trip. But somehow I've managed to take up only one and a quarter closets (out of four) and a few drawers in the desk––quite literally a miracle for my typical disorganized self. I've also managed to bring my hometown into this new environment to an extent, with polaroids and pictures that remind me of the island I call home. Hopefully this can dispel any future bouts of homesickness.

To be completely honest, it's been somewhat overwhelming so far: constantly meeting new people, staying up until the wee hours of the morning, and simultaneously trying to navigate campus. I've been pushing back my introverted side, but I know eventually I'll need to take some time to myself. College is the time to find balance within your life; it's finding the yin-yang existence that allows you to go to parties and take time for yourself without going crazy. I have yet to fulfill this standard.

A few days ago, I went to my first official frat party, and it was, well, underwhelming. Although, the attendees were mainly freshmen and the few upperclassmen frat boys who had already moved in. My roommate and I danced our way through a few of the frat houses, playing pong and freezing as we walked from house to house. But it was worth it, I suppose, to gain said "college experience." I even managed to pull my first not-school-related all-nighter, staying up until 6:30AM to see the sunrise. I don't think I'll be doing that again.

My roommates and I decided to get a fish. Meet Fred Dionysus Kennedy.

He's a Black Orchid Beta fish, and we have him situated between two of our desks. Unfortunately, as any fish owner would know, we have to wait two days until we can actually place him in his new fish bowl to allow for the water to become suitable for him; we're planning on spoiling him a ton.

Classes start in two days, and I must admit that I'm ready for a schedule in my life. Partying is fun and all, but I'm ready to get my brain working again. I've just gotta figure out where my classes are!

xo Juliette

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