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About Me

From living on island time to the rush of city life, my world flip-flopped as I embarked on my collegiate journey at UC-Berkeley.

Although I lived in Atlanta for the greater part of my childhood, Sullivan's Island, South Carolina is my true home. The stink of pluff mud drifting by as I drive to school; the salty breeze softly brushing back my hair; the soft hues of pink, orange, and yellow painting the morning sky as the sun appears from the ocean's horizon –– these defined my childhood. 

Now, as I embrace the college lifestyle, I've moved 2,780 miles across the country to Berkeley, California to study Anthropology and Ancient Greek & Roman Studies. Not only am I far from home, but I face a totally different life than I'm used to: sharing an apartment with five of my closest friends and one cat, no humidity or Southern charm and hospitality, views of the Pacific Ocean rather than the Atlantic, and 30,000 undergraduate strangers. As I combat the trials of college and the introduction into 'adulthood,' I'll share my adventures and newfound insight with you. 


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